Rocky Mountain Therapy Services is a Physical Therapist owned company based in Salt Lake City, Utah with clinics in Utah, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Rocky Mountain Therapy Services was founded in 1983 by our President Paul G. Wortley whom continues to the is day as an active clinician in the Salt Lake market. All of the clinics are out-patient focused with some that include pediatric school services, student athlete services and home health. Many of our clinics provide Physical, Occupational and Massage therapy services as well as specialty services.

We are recruiting for a new full time physical therapist and possible future partner of delivery for our Zillah, Washington clinic.

Our Zillah, Washington clinic has an opportunity to continue our expansion of physical therapy services. In 2016 we introduced physical therapy into this traditionally occupational therapy focused out-patient clinic that includes pediatric school services and massage. Introducing physical therapy has increased our volume of care by more than 28% in the past 18 months. This facility is 10 minutes from our clinic in Toppenish and 20 minutes from our clinic in Sunnyside. These 3 clinics have shared staff and services for the communities we serve. Within these 3 close proximity locations, we have 3 physical therapists, 2 physical therapy assistants, 2 occupational therapists, 2 certified occupational therapy assistants and 1 massage therapist. This clinic was opened approximately 6 years ago as a satellite facility from our Toppenish location that has served the community for more than 20 years.

All who are interested, including new graduates, can fax a resume to Ty at 801.987.8601 or email to


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